Embrace the Luck of the Irish with Deloufleur Decor & Designs: Celebrating Green in 2024


This St. Patrick’s Day, let the spirit of the Emerald Isle inspire your home with touches of green, a hue that promises renewal, growth, and harmony. At Deloufleur Decor & Designs, where quality and customer service blend to create an unparalleled shopping experience, we’re thrilled to guide you through incorporating this vivacious color into your decor.

With over 6,000 sq. feet of exquisite home furnishings, Deloufleur is your treasure trove for finding that perfect piece to invite luck and luxury into your space.

A Green Revival: Why Green is 2024’s Must-Have Color
As we step into 2024, green stands out as the color of the year, symbolizing a connection to nature, tranquility, and wellbeing. From the zest of lime to the depth of forest green, this versatile color is making waves in interior design for its ability to breathe life into any room. At Deloufleur Decor & Designs, our curated collections feature this lush palette, promising to transform your home into a haven of peace and elegance.

St. Patrick’s Day Styling with Deloufleur
St. Patrick’s Day is more than a celebration of Irish heritage; it’s a day to embrace the rejuvenating power of green in our homes. Here are some chic ways to weave this trend into your decor, with Deloufleur’s unique touch:

With A Green Velvet Sofa, A Custom Coffee Table, A Marble Table Lamp, A Hanging Gold Flowerbed, And Fine Accessories, This Living Room Has A Stylish And Opulent Interior Design. Template. Modern Interior Design

Statement Furniture
Invest in a piece of statement furniture in a bold green shade to serve as the centerpiece of your room. Imagine a luxurious emerald green sofa or a pair of mossy armchairs that beckon with the promise of comfort and style. These pieces not only honor the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day but also ensure your home stays at the forefront of design trends.


Indoor Plants Studio

Accent Pieces and Accessories
For those who prefer subtle nods to trends, accent pieces and accessories are your allies. Scatter cushions in varying shades of green, throw blankets with hints of mint or olive, and decorative vases filled with fresh or faux greenery can add layers of depth and interest to your interiors. These elements allow for flexibility, enabling you to update your space as trends evolve.


Green Chair With Green Cushion Sits Front Lamp With Green Chair Front It

Wall Art and Decor
Elevate your walls with art pieces that highlight the beauty of green. Whether it’s a large-scale botanical print, abstract paintings with green accents, or tasteful wall hangings, these additions can dramatically shift the atmosphere of a room. Deloufleur offers a variety of wall decor options that can fit any aesthetic, from minimalist to eclectic.


Modern Living Room With Furniture

Bringing the Outdoors In
Incorporate live plants or high-quality artificial ones to infuse your space with vitality. Plants not only enhance the visual appeal of a room but also improve air quality, making your home feel fresh and lively. From towering fiddle leaf figs to charming succulents, greenery is a must-have for any space.


Experience the Deloufleur Difference

At Deloufleur Decor & Designs, we’re not just about selling furniture; we’re about creating homes that tell a story. Our commitment to quality merchandise and exceptional customer service ensures a seamless shopping experience, from discovery to delivery. This St. Patrick’s Day, let us help you bring a touch of green into your home, not just as a nod to the holiday, but as a celebration of the beauty and balance it brings to our lives.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Deloufleur Decor & Designs and let the luck and luxury of green transform your home for 2024 and beyond. Visit our showroom today and discover how you can incorporate this year’s top color into your decor, making every day a reason to celebrate.