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In November of 2018, Donna Glodjo and her husband Pete lost their home in a tragic house fire. They lost all of their furniture and priceless keepsakes. Thankfully they were safe. However, they had to start the process of rebuilding their lives.

Once they went through the insurance process, they were able to start house hunting. After living in a furnished rental for months, it was time to have a place to call home again. Donna and Pete had so many God winks throughout this experience and received kindness from others to help them overcoming this difficult time.

“We were so blessed to find a perfect little home in Carterville. I had been so busy working with the insurance company, making a detailed list of items lost in the fire, and searching for a new home. I had not even thought about what kind of furniture we needed. Especially since I didn’t know what kind of home it would be or where it would be located,” Donna said.

While scrolling through Facebook one evening, Donna saw an ad featuring a gorgeous china cabinet. She clicked the ad to learn more and ended up on the website for Hooker Furniture, which is one of the nation’s premier furniture brands. When she clicked on the store locator, Deloufleur Decor and Designs was listed as a local provider. The home furnishings store happened to be in the same town as Donna’s new home.

“When I first walked into Deloufleur, it was a magical world of furniture. The gorgeous china cabinet was available in-store. I loved it even more in person. Then Denise showed me the matching table and chairs online. The table was the perfect fit for the narrow space,” said Donna.

Even though they had not yet closed on the house, Donna took a step of faith and started ordering her dream furniture.

Deloufleur Decor & Designs

“I was immediately impressed with Denise,” said Donna. “She had a kind, sweet spirit and she listened. That’s so rare to find these days. She was very sympathetic to my situation and we had many deep conversations as we went through the process together. I came to feel like she’s my friend.”

That kind of care and attention to detail is apparent within Deloufleur Decor and Designs.

“As you look around the showroom, you can immediately sense that Denise knows what she is doing. She’s a very talented designer. The quality of furniture she carries is over the top,” said Donna. “I’m so thankful because she was so helpful.”

It was important to Pete to have brown leather furniture that reminded him of their previous living room set. They sat down with Denise and explored all the upholstery options. They were able to get exactly what they wanted.

Denise even visited their home to measure the space for a majestic entertainment center. This is a stunning focal point in the Glodjo living room.

“I wanted a little chair in the corner to soften the living room. When I told Denise, she had the perfect chair in mind. The pattern contains soft blues that really brought it all together,” said Donna.

Every room was suddenly full of quality furniture from the dining room to the living room to the master bedroom to Pete’s home office. However, one element was missing.

“In my previous homes, I had always had a built-in vanity in my bathroom. I was a little spoiled sitting on my chair and putting on my makeup. My new master bathroom was too small to add a built-in. I just mentioned this to Denise since I was having a difficult time finding the perfect vanity online to have in my bedroom. Of course, she had the solution. There was a gorgeous mirrored vanity in the store with a matching chair. It really was the missing piece to the puzzle for me,” said Donna. “She took care of everything I needed. All I had to do was say I would like to have this with some vague notion and she was immediately on it with such great taste.“

Every morning, Donna sips her coffee as she sits in her recliner. She reads her Bible and daily devotional and has prayer time.

“I thank God every morning for a peaceful place. I thank him for the time that I can sit and feel His presence. I’m thankful for the comfort of having such a wonderful home to do that,” said Donna. “Finding Denise during a traumatic time of my life was a blessing.”

Deloufleur Decor and Designs was able to take an overwhelming process for the Glodjos and make it a fun experience. The quality pieces will last them for decades while being a part of many new memories in their new home.

Deloufleur Decor and Designs is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1208 Donna Drive in Carterville, Illinois. Stop by and start dreaming! Or call 618-985-3355 to schedule a consultation.