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Consider Canadel

 If and when you are in the market to purchase a dining set that will withstand the test of time, we encourage you to consider Canadel. These pieces are literally heirlooms that can be passed down to children and grandchildren along with all of the memories that have been made around them.

 Canadel is a family owned business that has been creating these timeless pieces for more than thirty years. They have earned their high quality reputation by using solid birch wood from North American forrests. These products are always hand assembled and hand finished. If you closely examine any of their pieces from chairs and tables to kitchen islands and benches you will see that they are reinforced with a groove design so you will not eventually feel that wobbly feeling after years of use.

 Every product is personalized, tailored to meet the needs of each customer to fit their space and style. You choose and design each piece to the size, color, thickness and wear. This is not the case with most companies. We, and Canadel believe that furniture can not always be a one size fits all. You all have your own unique family size and room sizes. The design process has been made incredibly user friendly and lets you see your product in real time and make changes to it as needed. 

 If you are looking for something made with quality that is going to withstand family dinners, art projects, game nights and all of the memories in between, we stronglyn encourage you to consider Canadel.