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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Deloufleur Decor and Designs? A successful high end furniture store and design center does not just happen on it’s own. There is a lot of work and careful planning that goes on – for US to bring YOUR vision to life.

First, the lines we bring forward must be lines that are reputable and carry the highest standards possible. With the years of experience we bring to the business, we know quality – and want nothing less for our customers. We know our customers are purchasing their furniture for the long time commitment. We will never be a “fast furniture” store, but a place you will come in and consider your purchases as an investment to your home.

We are not a “warehouse” furniture store. Our 6500 sq. ft. showroom floor is carefully designed and laid out in a way that helps you put your vision in your home. Each piece of furniture, lamp, accessory, rug and piece of wall art, was meticulously chosen to give our clients the best shopping experience possible. Once our customers get ‘inspired’ – amazing things happen.  Less anxiety – excitement and focus takes place. It’s a wonderful thing to see and experience. Our skilled delivery staff makes this experience even more enjoyable with careful placement of your new  furniture in your home.

We have a wonderful marketing team that believes – along with us, that we will never run “fake sales”. We will never mark up to mark down, exaggerate or over-promise. We don’t run a sale after a sale, and will never offer advertising gimmicks you see on TV. Most of our big sales will be for clearance reasons – what a great time to take advantage of discontinued pieces or a scratch and dents! We offer our customers the best possible prices we can on an everyday bases – because our customers are our friends.

 When not in a client’s home assisting with a project, our product knowledge keeps us constantly on the look-out for new things to meet our customers wants and needs. Spring and Fall Markets are key to keep up with the ever changing trends. But one thing that will never go out of style – that’s quality and great customer service.

So you are still wondering what goes on behind the scenes of Deloufleur Decor and Designs? Come and spend time with us – See for yourself.

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