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First you need to ask your self a few questions.

Do you like to purchase new sofas every few years? If so, you might not want to spend a lot of money that often.  Research shows a good quality sofa will cost from $2000 and up.

Do you move a lot? If so, a good quality sofa is much heavier because it is constructed out of solid wood.

 Are you trendy? If so, who says in seven years you are still going to like those palm leaves on your sofa. If you are confident in your taste, then go for it!

Do you want a sofa just for looks? Sometimes we know the sofa will never be sat on, and maybe even be moved from room to room. If so, maybe a a high quality sofa is just not what you need.

On the other hand, if you are in it for the long haul, you probable need to seek out a good quality sofa. Statistics show that the average American spends from 3-4 hours a day just watching TV alone, not to mention relaxing, reading and entertaining. A well built sofa is one of the top purchases for anyone looking to invest in their home interior. The life of the sofa mainly depends on the frame construction, quality of the cushion, a good spring system, and durability of the fabric or leather.

So, if you have decided you want to invest in a higher quality sofa that will last longer, stay comfortable for years to come, age well and never go out of style – Come see us at Deloufleur Decor and Designs. We’ve got what you need.

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