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So, if you thought Deloufleur Decor and Designs was just a beautiful furniture store with high quality furniture at affordable prices, you were right. If you thought Deloufleur had a design center that offered in-store and in-home consultations and exceptional service, you were right as well. If you thought Deloufleur had the most unique pieces of furniture and the most exquisite lamps and accessories and could offer you the interior home of your dreams, you were right about that too! The one thing you might not know about Deloufleur is that we offer an affordable line of luxury mattresses. Yes! Mattresses!

Justice Bedding is the mattress of choice here at Deloufleur. Not only do they make a high quality product, they are a family owned company in Lebanon MO. They make their mattresses in the US with locally sourced materials. All their mattresses are hand-crafted and made to order.

Founded in 1957, Justice Bedding has grown through the years offering a superior product at excellent prices throughout the Mid-West. Most importantly, you are not paying for the high cost of advertising like some of the big name bedding companies.

Need a mattress? Take out some time, come in and try out what we have to offer. You wont be disappointed!

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