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We decided to do some research about some design trends for 2020 and here are a few things we found out.

 We found that COLOR will become the new neutral. Hallelujah! We have been waiting forever to see this in actual print! Neutrals will be replaced by warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones according to Forbes.com. Who wants to walk into a sea of browns and tans. Color is something we have worked hard to give our customers at Deloufleur Decor and Designs.

Floral fabrics and wall paper are other throw back turned contemporary trends to look forward to for 2020 according to Collected Interior. Florals have technically been around for a long time but there is a big difference in the 2020 florals and the ones of the past. Vibrant and colorful florals – Another option for our customers to explore when discovering their uniqueness at Deloufleur Decor and Designs.

Throwaway furniture – OUT. Even if chain-retailer prices are tolerable, it’s become less appealing to buy a bed or dresser thinking you’ll replace it in a few years. “Longevity is in, throwaway culture is out,” said Shea Soucie, co-founder of Soucie Horner, a design and architecture firm in Chicago. We were very happy to read this one. We take pride in the quality we offer our customers at Deloufleur Decor and Designs.

New shapes –  According to House Beautiful, more and more designers and homeowners are opting for the soft, romantic feel of curved furniture. A rectangular sofa? So last year. More and more designers and homeowners are opting for the soft, romantic feel of curved furniture. From sofas to curved-back armchairs and dining chairs, we’re looking at a curvy road ahead for design. “2020 is the year of the gentle curve as we move away from more structured, rectilinear styles – toward elegant curved and asymmetrical pieces that created softer environments,” confirms designer Chad James. We like this because rounded shapes make furniture look more comfortable and gives off a calming feel. The feel we have at Deloufleur Decor and Designs.

One of the biggest things we read and have always said ourselves, was in Forbes.com. According to Christina Coop, who is co-founder Hygge & West, explains that uniqueness should reflect individuality. “People are designing their homes to reflect their personality and creating spaces to tell their story. What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in magazines and social media.” This is something we have been saying to our customers for years. Authenticity – not to be copied out of a fashion furniture ad – is important in the outcome of your home design. This is where your individuality comes in – no matter if trends come “in” or goes “out”, you will find your uniqueness at Deloufleur Decor and Designs.

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