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There’s really no place like home for the Holidays. Whether it’s present day or past memories, we all have stories of how our homes made the the holidays meaningful..

That feeling of comfort and security tends to bond us with a central place that represents our roots. It’s like a sense of calmness, a warm feeling, and a happy one. For instance, you ask a child to draw ‘where they live’ and they draw a picture of a house. Home is part of our self definition. That is why we like to furnish and decorate our homes nicely. For better or for worse, the place where we grew up will have at least one memory of where and who we are today.

This Holiday Season cherish the moments with family with familiar sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that puts you back to when you were a child. Gather in the kitchen to bake cookies – relax in the living room with Christmas movies or just snuggle up tight in bed and wait on Santa to come.

It’s all about HOME – And that’s our specialty – at Deloufleur Decor and Designs.

1208 Donna Dr. Carterville, IL

deloufleur furniture

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