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Do you think you need an interior designer but feel intimidated? Sure, lots of people feel that way. That is one reason our most valued customers come to Deloufleur. Whether you have no clue as to what you want – or just need another set of eyes and some nudging, Denise and her staff are here to help you. Denise likes to get to know her clients first. That is a must when trying to assist with their needs. Nobody wants someone to fill their home with furnishings that don’t meet their lifestyle and tastes. Also set a realistic budget, that will save a lot of  time and frustration. Once Denise understands your needs and tastes, only then can she move forward toward making the home of your dreams.

There are 7 elements of interior design : Space – Lines – Forms – Light – Color – Texture and Pattern. Designers, like Denise, can see all these things from a different perspective due to their studies, experience, and work atmosphere. Denise’s goal is to be your “Full service Interior Designer” meaning that she can assist you in the completion of your entire home, groups of rooms, or a single room. Creativity and critical thinking go hand in hand when it comes to an interior designer – that is what makes Denise one of the top designers in Southern Illinois. It’s more than a passion, it’s a true talent – an artistic ability – using her sense of style to develop designs that will be one of a kind just for you.

So, don’t get tied up in the small details – look at the big picture. That is where a good designer comes in – a visionary. Denise can see things that are not there – only the POSSIBILITIES.

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