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So, what is minimalist in interior design? It’s simply a way to create serene, peaceful, and orderly spacial arrangements. It has a sense of clarity without being empty.

A maximalist on the other hand, likes more of everything. Not necessarily hoarding or overstuffed rooms, but it leans toward patterns, bold colors, ornate details and one of a kind possessions, like books, statues, and artwork.

It’s still not clear which will stand the test of time. Minimalism has been all the rage for the past decade, but some of the top designers are saying that maximalism is just getting started again. It’s more like a balancing act between eclecticism and carefully thought out design. You must find a link to bring all your pieces, colors, and patterns together.

Which ever way you choose to decorate is really up to you – your own personal taste. While the minimalist craves the uninterrupted space, clean lines and neutral colors, the maximalist feels the need to express themselves through layers, textures, patterns and their collectibles. Although both styles may seem to be extreme, the fusion of both is quite possible and will bring balance. Follow your instincts and your home will have the character it needs.

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