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It was Sir Isaac Newton who first created the color diagram around 1665, known as the Color Wheel. The side of the color wheel that is comprised of reds, oranges, yellow, and yellow-greens are typically known as warm colors. Brown, Taupe, and Beige are considered warm neutrals – ideal for interior design.  A palette of warm colors and warm neutrals can transform any space if thoughtful application is applied.

Color is an important aspect in the design of any interior and it is the ‘effect’ that really counts. Warm colors are said to increase energy levels both physical and mental.  They also used to make large rooms feel more cozy and can add a comfortable welcoming mood. They can wrap us up in comfort – from the rich intimate hues of red to the honey earth tones. There are many warm color choices that will make your home, well, feel like home.

 One thing to be careful of when using warms in a room is the size of the room. Using warms in a small room may make it appear too small and the stronger colors should be used sparingly. Your color choice really depends on the mood and atmosphere you want to evoke, or just your personality in general. If the color speaks to you – then it will reflect the happiness you seek to bring into your home.

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