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Most of us are aware that the popularity of online shopping is increasing. For the business owner, online stores are cheaper, of course, than retail storefronts. That may work well depending on what they are selling. For higher end products such as jewelry, furniture and cars, a retail store is much more appealing and appreciated by the shopper.

According to recent data, consumers are still looking to shop in brick and mortar stores, despite the fact that statistics of online shopping are high. For these higher end items, shoppers might be window shopping online, but the majority of these people are seeking out the physical store to see, feel and touch what they are buying.

We hear stories from our customers everyday about their online shopping experiences and how thankful they are to have a store such as ours to be able to walk into – have access to those hard to find, unique, and quality items to furnish their homes with. Here are a few of their reasons:

The color was different when I got it.

It wasn’t made of real wood like they said.

It came in damaged.

It was bigger that I expected

The quality was terrible.

It just wasn’t comfortable.

It said free shipping but the return was not.

It took me 4 hours to put it together!

And the list goes on. So, next time you are ready to “add to cart”, think twice – And as always, don’t forget — SHOP LOCAL

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