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Choosing a fabric for your sofa may seem to be an overwhelming experience – so many colors, patterns, textures – Which one is right for you? Let’s try and simplify the process.

Most commonly, people think of color first. Color plays an important role in the way the room will look and feel, not to mention you must be happy with it for a long time. Be cautious with bold colors in a small room and make sure trendy colors are what you can live with before you put it on a piece of furniture that will dominate your space.

Texture might be the next thing you think of. Of course it must feel good. Textures are very versatile and work perfectly with printed fabrics. Also, mixing textures is essential when adding interest to your space and can be an important tool when decorating.

Next of course would be durability. Many of your fabric manufacturers now label their fabrics such as; family room select or performance fabric. These are fabrics that have gone through vigorous rub testing – perfect for high traffic living, children and pets. These are almost always 100% polyester or polyester blended fabrics. For pieces that may not be used for high traffic or for everyday use, that opens you up to a wider variety such as embellished fabrics, silks, wools, linens and cottons.

Lastly is cleanability . Always look at your cleaning codes. W-Water based cleaners, S-Solvent (Dry Clean), or WS – Either Water or Solvent. This will be the easiest and best way to determine how to clean your upholstered furniture.

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