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If an average home style isn’t for you, then it’s time to set yourself apart from the rest! Stop following suit and step out of the box. It’s time to stop decorating your home in a way that everyone else is expecting or because it’s the simplest option. Dare to be different – Choose something not everyone will expect! Most homes follow a uniform pattern and decorating becomes a chore. It shouldn’t be that way at all! It’s a chance to have FUN.

If you have ever visited Deloufleur Decor and Designs, you will have to agree that we are not your average furniture store. This did not happen by accident – we strive to be different. We work hard to provide a selection of furniture that will inspire you – Ways to furnish your home with bold patterns, rich details and eclectic influences. Remember no two homes should be the same. How boring would that be! We strive to be different and show you ways to do just that.

Always remember – Exhibit your own style in all that you do.

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