The history of Navy dates back to 1748. It got it’s name from the color worn by officers in the British Royal Navy and subsequently adopted by other Navies including the United States.  Since then, the color navy has been associated with all things noble and nautical – signifying vigilance, perseverance and justice as represented in our flag.

From the interior design standpoint, navy can be a great alternative to black. It creates the same effects, such as sophistication and power. All blues can evoke calmness and serenity – but in the color navy – it’s more about emotional energy, strength and spirit.

Navy is a timeless color. It works well with a variety of colors such as light pastels to bold brilliant colors. This is where your individuality comes in to play. If you like tradition, solidity and strength – and at the same time relaxed, friendly and elegant, then Navy Blue is your color.

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deloufleur navy sofa

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