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Are you asking yourself – What exactly is Old world? Old world design is a mix of various European influences. In the furniture world, the style is characterized by a comfortable look that shows wear and tear, but at the same time, it perfectly balances comfort and formality – Most always elegant and inviting.

The Old World style is pulled from mostly these areas of influence: French Country, Tuscan, Spanish, Mediterranean, French Chateau and Italian Villa. You can pull your interest from just one area, but you can also pull from all of them to suit your style.

There are many design elements in furniture to bring the Old World style into your home. Wood pieces that are solid, distressed and with hand carvings is a good start. Then there are colors that are rich and regal such as burgundy, navy and greens. Fabrics and textures such as brocades, fringes, leathers, and velvets can set the tone. Accents that include wrought iron, pottery and tapestries with rich woven rugs will definitely put you into the Old World design. This style will invite you and your guests to come in, sit down and feel at home.

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deloufleur chest

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