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Fall in love with Justice luxury beds!

Justice is a family owned and operated mattress manufacturer founded in 1957 based in Lebanon MO. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know your mattress was made in the USA with locally sourced materials and not imported? The answer for us is ‘yes’.

The industry has made mattress shopping extremely complicated over the years. So many brands, materials, levels – It has become one of the most difficult home purchases. So what do you do? At Deloufleur Decor and Designs, we have simplified the process for mattress shoppers by keeping Justice Bedding as our house brand.

Justice has 5 collections to choose from. Beginning with budget friendly bedding, to your latex lovers bed, to your plush or firm pocketed coil choosers, to your hard to find 2-sided mattress choice and even a Hotel-Motel mattress sold exclusively to Drury Inns across the US. Justice carries up to a 15 yr. warranty on their beds. What more could you ask for?

Experience the elegance of Justice Bedding.

Luxury never felt so good.

deloufleur mattress

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