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Interesting. The prediction is that in the next five years all fabrics will have a performance story. No doubt, in the past few years we have noticed an increase of patterns and colors come through in the performance category…so this is GREAT NEWS! But at no surprise, texture remains the dominate construction in luxury upholstered fabrics – be it wovens, embroideries, or just textured plains. Glam and luxury fabrics have been an important category for a very long time now. Pairing luxury and performance is a winning combination when it comes to upholstery fabrics. But remember, some of the most beautiful fabrics including velvets, suedes, and chenilles are very cleanable and durable. You don’t have to sacrifice style and luxury to get a heavy wear fabric. So as far as the prediction….maybe luxury fabrics have always had a performance story? Come see us today at Deloufleur Décor & Designs

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