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Accessories for the home are the finishing touch. They bring the room to life with color, warmth, and sophistication. You can show your style, interests, and passion with accessories….just as a piece of jewelry compliments an outfit. There are many focal points to build your accessories around. You can start with big wonderful rug, and build from there. It’s like a foundation for the room. A statement making pair of lamps could be your focal point and then add items of similar style and color. A nice work of Art can also become the accessory that defines your room. Whatever you choose to accessorize your room with…remember …having accessories dotted all around your room can make the space seem cluttered, but gathering a collection of accessories in one place draws the eye to that part of the room. Vary the size and shape of the accessories to create visual interest..Also, loving your stuff is not the same as displaying your stuff…Again, like jewelry, you should never wear it all at once.

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