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Sleep Matters!

When it comes to purchasing the perfect mattress, it turns out there are a lot of mixed messages out there. The main reason for all the controversy is that quality and comfort are based on personal comfort levels. Typically, mattresses are replaced every 8-10 years, or sooner if the mattress is becoming less comfortable to sleep on. Mattresses will come in all different shapes and sizes. More so, each brand will have it’s own unique blend of materials, density, and design. The mattress industry took something simple and made it incredibly complicated. Our goal at Deloufleur Décor & Designs is to simplify the process. We’ve seen how complicated it can be buying a mattress, and want to make it a pleasant experience again! Here a just a few easy tips to make your shopping experience a little easier: 1 – Determine why you are wanting a new mattress and shop accordingly. 2 – Talk to your Doctor. They might be able to give you advise on the need for extra cushioning or more firmness for your joints and back. 3 – Research your options and know what all is out there – Inner  spring, latex, foam, etc. 4 – Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to lie on the mattress you are considering. 5 – Always buy a mattress protector. A stain will void your mattress warranty. Still have questions? Give us a visit and let us help!deloufleur mattress

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