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Spring Trends for 2018!


Spring is a time of new beginnings and new possibilities, SO WE ARE READY! New merchandise is coming in daily with lots of fun fabrics, colors, and the latest features of home furnishings available! Fall and winter were all about dark, cozy colors. Make a BOLD appearance this Spring with color and bold floral prints. We are seeing a big return to bright and clear colors. Velvets are on the rise in lots of rich tones of Indigo Blue, deep purples, and emerald greens and reds. A little too much? Water it down with some lilacs, violets, or some new pinks. THAT’S NOT ALL….Also on the rise is “Statement Storage”. Gone are the days of sacrificing style for function. Decorative organization is where it is this year! ALSO, a balance of brass mixed in with other elements is making a comeback this Spring. No, not your grandmother’s brass, but a softer version that should be treated like an accessory for a feel of luxury. So, don’t go changing all that brushed nickel and stainless steel! We can’t always change our entire home with the seasons, but one thing we can do is add a few touches such as new chairs, a sofa, or just accessories, pillows, throws and wall art to add a refreshing touch to your room! Mixing the old with the new is still the name of the game and most importantly, AS ALWAYS, stick with what you LOVE regardless if it’s in or out.

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